Are You Kidding Me???

After three years and many blog experiments later, TryGol is back! And guess what, it’s back in the simple form that made this blog popular to begin with. So let’s review everything real quick, if you don’t mind.

I launched TryGol at back in 2006. My goal was to cover my two favorite sports & my favorite clubs. The blog became pretty popular, so two years later I expanded the blog to cover everything rugby & soccer related  and gave the blog it’s own URL and hosted it on my own server. The site continued to grow, however, working alone…I really couldn’t keep up with the demand. So after begging folks to help me out and being left high and dry all too often, I closed TryGol in 2009.

Shortly after, I made several failed attempts to recreate the magic with (a rugby focused blog), (a Fulham FC fan blog) & most recently, (a blog focusing on USA Rugby). I couldn’t recapture the passion with those blogs, I mean without passion there is no point in doing this shit. Now that I’ve decided to re-launch TryGol in it’s original form, will it be as popular as before? Probably not, but I no longer care about site stats or trying to “get paid” off my blog. This blog simply a creative outlet for me.

So what can you expect? The same shit I wrote about in 2006. USA Rugby, US Soccer, Fulham FC & Chicago Fire…subjects I actually care about. I will also sprinkle some world rugby news & reviews into the mix just to keep shit interesting.  I’m also going to do some house keeping to get this blog back up to speed.

It feels good to be return to my roots. Please bookmark & spread the word. Don’t expect a fancy URL either, I’m keeping this “old school.”